About the environs of St. Petersburg: The environs of St. Petersburg

In the environs of Petersburg there are several very beautiful palace and park complexes. The three most interesting of them are Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk. You must visit them. If you have time, it will be interesting to see the other environs of Petersburg as well: Gatchina, Oranienbaum, Kronstadt, Strelna and Alexander Palace.

Without Peterhof located in the environs of the city, a travel to St. Petersburg will be incomplete. It is the most beautiful palace with the Grand Cascade fountains, as well as the most interesting park. The easiest way to get there is fast boats departing from the embankment in front of the Hermitage Museum.

In the environs of Petersburg it is at least as important to visit the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo. It was the imperial summer residence for two centuries. It is just there that you can see the famous Amber Room. There is a very beautiful park with various pavilions and sculptures in the environs of Petersburg.

Alexander Palace and Park are close by. Actually, it is a single complex. However, it was closed for tourists for a long time. The family of the Russian emperor Nicholas II lived in the Alexander Palace from 1904 through 1917. 

Also, you should have a visit to Tsarskoye Selo, which is generally included in the tour of Pavlovsk. The Pavlovsk Palace is located there, as well as one of the largest landscape parks in Europe. It is located in the mouth of the river Slavyanka and is famous for its exceptionally beautiful landscapes.

Another two beautiful palaces are on the way to Peterhof: Constantine Palace at Strelna and the Oranienbaum estate of Menshikov in the environs of Petersburg. Constantine Palace was given the status of a state Palace of Congresses for the meetings of the heads of state. There it will be interesting to see the interiors of the palace and the Lower Park sometimes called the Russian Versailles.

The Oranienbaum estate of Menshikov, one of the oldest in Saint Petersburg and its environs, is located at Lomonosov beyond Peterhof. There remained the palace of Menshikov and a beautiful park. From there it is very convenient to come to the city of military glory Kronstadt. Only two decades ago the city was closed for visiting, as there was located the naval base of the Baltic Fleet, but now you can come and see the reconstructed city center, the Marine St. Nicholas Cathedral and numerous forts.

Gatchina is located at the largest distance (nearly 40 km) from the Moskovsky Prospekt (Moskovsky Avenue) of St. Petersburg. Gatchina palace and park are located there. Two Russian emperors, Paul I, and a century later Alexander III, constantly lived in the palace.

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