schlisselburg fortress
When in St. Petersburg you must go to Peterhof, as it is just this palace that can give you some idea of magnificence of Russian imperial residences
Vyborg is 130 kilometers to the north-west of St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland. Vyborg was a Russian city, when the entire Finland was part of the Russian Empire in 1801-1918. After Finland became independent in 1918, the city first belonged to Finland and then to the USSR after the Finnish-Russian War of 1940
Gatchina Palace is very similar to the knight castle
A small town of Lomonosov is on the Gulf of Finland Coast, 10 kilometers to the west of Peterhof Palace. In the beginning of the 18th century Count Menshikov who was the closest companions of Peter I began to build his country residence on the outskirts of the town. According to the most trusted version, the name of this estate has got from the conser-vatory of common orange trees called Oraniebaum
Peter the Great decided to build a summer house (future Constantine Palace) near the new northern capital in 1710. Peter I wanted it to be the «Russian Versailles».
Kronstadt is often called the «City of Marine Glory of Russia». And this epithet is quite justified, if you take it into account that since its foundation in 1703 (at the same time as St. Petersburg), its primary destination was to protect the capital of the Russian Empire from the side of the sea
A hundred kilometers to the east from St. Petersburg, at the place where the Volkhov river falls intoLadoga Lake, a small village of Old Ladoga is located. However, in spite of its small size, the village (former town) has a great historic value, as Old Ladoga is the oldest city in Russia
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