Estate Of Dostoevsky Darovoe
Lenin`s Gorki
One of the main cities of the Golden Ring located 72 km from Moscow
Kolomna may be considered one of the best destinations for a day excursion from Moscow. It is located 100 kilometers to the south-east along the Ryazan highway. As a variant, you can combine a trip to Kolomna with a visit to Konstantinovo (birthplace of Yesenin) or Ryazan.
Arkhangelskoye is quite rightly considered one of the most beautiful estate of the nobility in the Greater Moscow Area. The first records of the Arkhangelskoye estate date back to 16 century. At first the estate often changed its owners: the Upolotsky, the Sheremetyev, the Odoyevsky and the Cherkassky. But it became famous only in 1703, when it came into possession of Prince Golitsyn.
The picturesque Dubrovitsy estate is not far from Podolsk, 20 kilometers to the south from Moscow. At the place where the Pakhra river joins the Desna river you can stroll at a picturesque park, as well as see the most beautiful Znamenskaya church built in the style of Catholic baroque and decorated with sculptures and stone carving.
Zvenigorod is a wonderful place for a a day tour from Moscow. As a variant, you can combine it with a visit to Arkhangelskoye, but it would be better to spare for this excursion the entire day, as Zvenigorod itself has many interesting places to visit.
Great Vyazemy manor
Mozhaisk was founded in 1239, 92 years after the foundation of Moscow. For some time it was the center of an independent principality, but already in 1303 it was included in the Moscow principality and became an outpost on its southwest borders
The Melikhovo estate, located 60 kilometers to the south from Moscow, is one of the most famous museums devoted to Chekhov. The estate has a wooden house, where the family of the write lived, as well as a big park with numerous buildings.
Ascension St. David’s Hermitage monastery is on the bank of the Lopasnya river, not far from the town of Chekhov. Quite near it is the Melikhovo estate of Chekhov.
The monastery is to the west of Moscow, at the 60 km of Volokolamsk or Novorizhskoye highway in New Jerusalem
The small monastery of Optyna Pustyn is on the outskirts of the city of Kozelsk in Tula Region. The religious significance of this monastery is very high both for Russian Orthodox Church and the people of Russia
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