Cairo is the largest city in the Africa, with population of over 15 million people
Luxor is one of the most interesting cities of Egypt. And its tourist attractiveness is undisputable
Abu Simbel is located on the territory of Egypt near the border of Sudan
Aswan is the largest Egyptian city in the south of the country
Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the best tourist destinations for beach holidays in winter time, considering short travel time
Hurghada is one of the most popular tourist destinations for all those who are in for high-quality beach holidays and service
Safaga is located on the narrow strip between the sea and the mountains. For several centuries this town was a busy port, connecting Egypt with Saudi Arabia, but in the last ten years tourism was actively developed there
This very young resort began to develop only 10 years ago, when there was opened an international airport. Marsa Alam is located in the south of Egypt, on the coast of the Red Sea, 370 kilometers of Hurghada
Only 20 years ago El Gouna was but a sandy coast of the Red Sea. But in 1990 Orascom Development owned by the Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris offered the project of the entire resort of El Gouna. It is 22 kilometers to the north from Hurghada. Recently, there has been built an international airport
Taba is a very young resort, and it began to develop when there was opened an international airport. Now the air companies of many countries offer charter flights to this place. Taba itself is located 10 kilometers from the border of Israel
The resort is located in the Abu Soma Peninsula, 40 kilometers to the south of Hurghada and 10 kilometers to the north of Safaga. There have ever been no settlements in the district, so Soma Bay was built in the deserted peninsula for the last 10 years
For the last decade the resorts of Makadi Bay and Hurghada nearly merged. However, Makadi Bay remains a more comfortable resort, comparing to the huge Hurghada, for those who like high level of all Inclusive service
The majority of local vacationers are lovers of windsurfing, kiting and diving. There are ideal conditions for these sports there. Most part of the year the wind is good in Dahab, which makes it possible for windsurfers to ride a lot. There are interesting diving locations in Dahab, including the legendary Blue Hole.
This is one of the highest mountains in the Sinai Peninsula. It is 2285 meters high. It is believed that it was just there that the God, after the wanderings of the Israel about the lands of Sinai, gave Moses the stone tablets with 10 commandments
St. Catherine`s Monastery is 30 kilometers to the north of Dahab and 200 kilometers of Sharm el-Sheikh. This is a strong citadel with walls reaching the height of 15 m, built by the Byzantine emperor Justunian in VI century for defense against the attacks of nomads
It is worth combining the trips to Dahshur and Saqqara
If you want to see the most ancient pyramids of Egypt, for example, the stepped pyramid of Djoser (it is already 4.8 thousand years), you should visit Saqqara