For a long time the luxurious hotel Burj-al-Arab (Arab tower) was the symbol of Dubai till there appeared the world`s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. However, Burj-al-Arab still remains the symbol of elite rest in Dubai
The world`s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa is quite rightly became the symbol of actively developing megalopolis Dubai. Its height is 828 meters and it is the tallest building, which have ever been erected on the Earth
The best beaches of Dubai are in Jumeirah District. There you will always find a perfect cleanness, soft white sand and crystal transparent water. Water is warm even in winter, so you can plan your travel to Dubai for any season of the year
The world`s largest singing fountain called the Dubai Fountain is at the foot of the world`s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The area of the pool where the show takes place is 12 hectares, and water can be shot to the height of 150 meters
Jumeirah District stretches for several kilometers along the sea. There are located the best beaches in Dubai. There are many luxurious mansions enclosed by high fences there, and in the old part of the district the Jumeirah Mosque is located, which is open for everyone
Marina Dubai is a bunch of residential skyscrapers densely ringing the bay where the yachts and boats of the residents of the district are moored. Along the bay waterfront there is an endless line of restaurants of all world`s cuisines creating the atmosphere of a posh resort
If you want to see not only the skyscrapers of a modern megalopolis in Dubai, but also the historic center where the city was founded, you should come to the shore of the Dubai Creek and have a tour of the streets of Deira District
Deira District is the very site on the bank of the Dubai Creek where Dubai was founded in the middle of 19 century. At that, till the middle of 20 century the main income source of the natives was pearl fishery. And when oil pools were discovered in the Persian Gulf it drastically changed the appearance of the country
After the world`s largest shopping center, Dubai Mall, had been built in Dubai there appeared another sight, which is a have-to-visit for every tourist – the Aquarium and Aqua Zoo. There you can see 55 thousand fishes and various herptiles
Shopping centers are in any large city and, as a rule, they are not considered as the city sights, but the Dubai Mall is an exception. You can visit this world`s largest shopping and entertainment center not only to buy something but also to have a pleasant time in a good environment
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