Emirates Palace Hotel: Emirates Palace Hotel

When visiting the Emirates Palace Hotel you should adhere to the smart casual dress code. If you wear shorts and slipovers, the guards almost certainly won't let you in on the hotel territory, as despite the free access, you shouldn’t much differ from the hotel inmates and cause them discomfort.

When you enter the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel, you will at once know what such great amount of money was spent for. To say that the ceiling and walls are heavily gilt would be to say nothing at all. According to some sources, the ceiling around the columns is finished not by gold leaf but by gold foil. It may be very likely but possibly it is a gilding after all.

Unconsciously, you compare all this with the Dubai hotel Burj-al-Arab. But you must acknowledge that the Emirates Palace Hotel is a luxurious but still a regular hotel. It has 302 regular single rooms of various categories (with area of 55 m2), 43 regular suites (with area of 140 m2) and one royal suite (with area of 220 square meters). The Burj-al-Arab consists of only two-level suites, with the smallest suite having the area of 170 m2, and the largest one - 780 m2.

However, this not in the least diminishes the advantages of the Emirates Palace Hotel. The Burj-al-Arab is a hotel of concrete and glass, while the Emirates Palace Hotel is a hotel with a huge territory of about 85 hectares and it can boast not only luxurious suites but also a luxurious infrastructure.

At the Emirates Palace Hotel you will be offered bicycles to move around the hotel territory. The hotel has its own closed beach, and close at hand is the Corniche Road, where you can have a walk in the evening, or the Abu Dhabi Marina, where yachts and pleasure boats are moored.

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