The Old Town of Riga, also known as «Vecriga», is a small quarter where there`s almost no motor traffic and narrow streets paved with cobble-stones create the atmosphere of a medieval town. It is just there that all sights of Riga are located
Strong walls and towers of the Riga Castle overlook the embankment of the Daugava river. The castle is in the north of the Old Town of Riga and is one of the most interesting sights of the city
The Dome (Riga) Cathedral, located in the heart of the Old Town of Riga near the embankment of the Daugava river, is rightly considered to be the most recognizable landmark of the city. The cathedral was one of the first buildings of Riga after its foundation in 13 century
The House of the Blackheads is rightly considered to be the most beautiful building of Riga. Its baroque facade with numerous sculptures is quite a decoration of the Town Hall Square. You should start your tour of the Old Town of Riga from just this place
As any other medieval town, Riga was girded by strong fortified walls. In places these walls survived but not in their original appearance, but with added buildings
From the Riga Castle to the City Walls you should go through Maza Pils Street where you can see one of the famous Riga sights – the Three Brothers. The first house was built in 15 century, the second one – in 16 century, and the third one – in 18 century
One of the most beautiful streets of the Old Riga is between the Dome Square and Town Hall Square. It would be pleasant to have a walk on it at the daytime and it would be even better to have a meal at one of its numerous restaurants at night. There were shot ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’, and many other films
The spire of St. Peter`s Church towers above Riga and made the view of the city recognizable. It is just this church that commands the most beautiful view of the Old Town of Riga. St. Peter`s Church isn’t only one of the most beautiful but also the oldest remaining building of Riga
Bastion Hill Park is a long strip of land to the north of the old town Riga, with Brivibas Boulevard in the middle of it (Freedom Boulevard). Freedom Monument was erected on the boulevard in 1935
Livu Square, which is one of the most beautiful squares in Riga, is located in the north of the Old Town of Riga. There are a lot of restaurants on this always crowded square. The Livu Square is surrounded by beautiful buildings such as the Cat House, the Philharmonic Building and the Large Guild House
Riga was founded in 1201 at the place where a small river Rezekne fell into the Daugava river. Today, there is no Rezekne river, and the place where Riga was laid down is called the Albert Square and around that square storage-houses and granaries were built for centuries
A small distance to the north-east of the Old Town of Riga, there is a well-known embassy quarter in the neighbourhood of Albert street where all houses have the elements of the so called Jugendstil
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