About country: Zimbabwe

In spite of all its economic difficulties, Zimbabwe is still very attractive for tourists. There are many curious national parks where you can see wildlife of African savanna, and in Great Zimbabwe you can visit the ruins of the ancient city. But most popular attraction is Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Most often tourist tours of Victoria Falls are offered just in Zambia, as there are some large cities and airport in Livingston, but you can also go to Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls cascades into the narrow gorge, with water spray and rainbow constantly hanging above it.

Limpopo, the largest Africa's national park, spans the territory of Zimbabwe, RSA and Mozambique. There you can see all African animals in their native habitat, so Limpopo's safari is one of the best in Africa.

There is also Zambezi National Park which is located not far from Victoria Falls, upstream of the river. Victoria Falls National Park is located downstream of the river.

The ruins of «Great Zimbabwe» are 30 km of Masvingo (to the south from Harare). These huge ruins stretch for over 700 hectares and are the largest constructions in Africa after Egyptian pyramids. Great Enclosure is one of the most prominent parts of the complex. The largest elliptic tower of the Wall became a distinctive symbol of Zimbabwe.

There are many granite boulders in Matobo National Park, which are piled in picturesque disorder. It was a peculiar protection for primitive people who settled there many thousands of years ago. There have been discovered over 300 rock paintings in Matobo caves. All this make it interesting to walk over Matobo, but you mustn’t forget about venomous snakes which are abundant there.

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