About country: Kenya

Kenya is one of the most popular tourist attractions for those who want to see wildlife of Africa and wallow on some good beach. You have only to visit one of the numerous national park of the country to get the most vivid impressions of African nature and you can have a good rest on the beaches of Mombasa.

One of the most popular national parks of Kenya is Amboseli. Here there are many various animals, including elephants, its greatest attraction being Mount Kilimanjaro.

Masai Mara National Park is also very popular. It is much larger than Amboseli and there you can see almost all African animals. There are especially many tourists in Masai Mara from July to September, the migration period of huge herds of animals from the neighbouring Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) going to the northern grasslands.

The largest national park is Tsavo. Its area is over 20 thousand square meters. There you can see not only various animals, but also wonderful flora, such as baobabs, umbrella trees and many other exotic plants, against the background of rocky mountains and savanna(h).

To the north from Nairobi there is a former volcano «Mount Kenya». Although the mountain is on the very equator, it is covered with ice, and depending on altitude has different ecosystems. The park is crossed by numerous tourist paths along which there are cabins where you can have a short rest or even stay for a night.

Lake Nakuru is about 160 km of Nairobi, but it is desirable to visit it to see habitat of approximately 2 million flamingos. From Baboon Cape, which is the best observation point, it seems that the lake is covered with living pink mantle.

Elgon National Park is on the site of extinct volcano of the same name. Now Sipi Falls plunges down the crater of this volcano. Here there are many caves, including the salt ones, and every night local herd of elephants (over 150 heads) goes there to lick salt deposits.

Certainly Mombasa is the main beach zone. For a long time this medieval city has been the capital of Kenya. The best beaches are in the southern and northern suburbs of the city.

Besides Mombasa, you can go sun-bathing to the island of Lamu (on the north of Kenya). There you can find perfectly clean beached with white sand. And you can ride only on donkeys over the narrow streets of the city, which sometime was a large slavery center. Since the 60th of the past century it has been a favorite resting place of hippies and adepts of other non-conformist movements.

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