About country: Namibia

For all those who are fond of African wildlife Namibia could be especially interesting. There you can see two different types of African nature, active savanna(h), brimming with life, and absolutely lifeless desert landscapes.

Namib Desert is the most interesting tourist attraction of the country. It is the essence of desert. The distinctive feature of the Namib Desert is its gigantic dunes. You couldn’t see anything similar even in Sahara. Sand dunes of Namib Desert are the highest in the world. The dunes of the desert are very hard to climb but it is worth doing it. They are particularly curious at dawn or sunset. Then the sun tinges them with various shades of yellow and red, from pink to wine red. You must climb the Dune 7, which is almost 400 meters high and is the highest sand dune in the world.

In the north of Namib Desert there is an area called Skeleton Coast. The Coast is a quite empty strip of land notorious for its strong currents. The strip is over 500 kilometers long and covered with a great number of shipwrecks.

Besides the Desert, there are a lot of African animals, such as elephants, lions, rhinos, hippos, and various even-hoofed mammals, in Namibia. All of them you can see in Etosh, which is one of the largest African national parks.

Not far from Swakopmund there is a group of bald granite peaks or bornhards called Spitzkop or Matterhorn of Namibia. The highest peak is over 1829 meters. Spitzkop is the result of volcano crush. Now there are a lot of picturesque mountain formations, arches and ridges.

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