For the last years this faraway country has been getting increasingly popular for those who want to enjoy the most beautiful nature – mountains, seas, fiords, geysers, etc. It is difficult to enumerate all the charms of its national parks. Moreover, New Zealand is washed by two oceans.
On this web-site we rarely use a word «unique», but it would be quite difficult to find any other word to describe the nature of Australia. As you can hardly find such flora and fauna on the other continents. When visiting Australia you should go to its national parks and the Great Barrier Reef as they are just the sites that can give you the best impression of this unique country.
Tahiti is the largest island of the Society Archipelago. Besides Tahiti, it also includes such famous resorts as Bora Bora and Moorea, as well as several other islands. All of them are of volcanic origin. The peak of Orogen on Tahiti reaches the height of 2200 meters, so you can not only lie on the beach, as on the Maldives, but have opportunities for adventure holidays, trekking across rainforests, mountains and rivers. You can explore scenic valleys and rivers with high waterfalls.
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