Reunion (Réunion Island)

About country: Reunion (Réunion Island)

This French colony is 600 kilometers to the east from Madagascar. It is near Mauritius (another famous resort), with which it has regular ferry and air connection.

The dominant peak of Réunion is Piton de la Fournaise, which is the most active volcano in the world. Its height is 2632 meters. Frequent eruptions (sometimes thrice a year), highland relief, as well as tropical jungles, contributed to magnificent landscapes of the island.

The island is most suitable for trekking (highland hiking), as there the mountains are combined with jungles. In some places there are so-called mountain circuses, and most famous of them are Silaos and Mafat. They are basins densely covered with shrubbery. The walls of these basins reach the height of several hundreds meters. Additionally, waterfalls cascade in some of them.

Gorges of Bras de Caverne also have some beautiful spots. However, the most beautiful gorge of Réunion is Trou de Fer (Iron Hole). There you can enjoy the view of huge waterfalls surrounded by high mountains.

On Réunion you can not only enjoy mountain landscapes, but also get brown on some beach, as the island, as any other tropical island, has many white and black sand beaches. The best seaside resorts, which are suitable both for bathing and diving, are in St-Gilles-Les-Bains, St. Leo and some other small towns.


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