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The summer palace of Bokharan emir called Sitorai Mohi Hosa, which means the «palace similar to stars and the moon», is 4 kilometers to the north of Bukhara and is the most curious example of the mix of Oriental and Russian palace architecture.

At the end of 19 century the emir of Bukhara Said Abdul Akhad Khan wanted to build a summer palace and move to the palace as all the other residences of Bukhara were already outdated. 

As by that time Bukhara Khanate was a vassal of the Russian Empire for several decades, it was decided to use the architectural elements of Russian imperial residences during its construction. So the emir sent his best architects to Petersburg and Yalta in order that they could see the examples of palace architecture. As a result, there was built a palace, which differs very much from the traditional buildings of Bukhara, such as the Ark Citadel or the Poi Kalyan complex.

The main building works were carried out under the following emir Mir Seyyid Alim Khan during 1912-1918. All the main structures of the palace were erected rather quickly, but interior decoration works were finished only several years later. Actually, the emir died without even having a chance to live in his palace as in 1919, before the invasion of the Red Army, he was forced to take a refuge in Afghanistan where he died in 1920.

The New Palace may be of a special interest for visitors. Externally, it divided into 2 wings. One of the wings was built in the style of Petersburg palaces, and the other one has characteristic oriental features. Within the palace there remained magnificent decorations of private and public chambers of the emir, which were designed in Bokharan style.

The White Hall may also be interesting for tourists. There were held official receptions and balls. The White Hall was decorated during 1912-1914 by the group of workers, headed by the well-known Bokharan architect Shirin Muradov, in the style of European ceremonial chambers.

At the far end of the park there located the building of the Harem of the Emir of Bukhara, with a bower and pond in front of it. Nearby you can see an octagonal pavilion. The Emir of Bukhara built it for the sister of the Russian emperor Nicholas II, whom he invited but she didn’t come.

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