About country: Seychelles

The Seychelles are frequently associated with something magic and exotic. And they quite deserve the name of «paradise islands», as nature and ocean have created there the atmosphere of exceptional beauty.

When you think of the holidays in tropical paradise, you may think of lying in a hammock, hooked to the bent stems of the palms, above white sand somewhere near the sea. But the nature of the Seychelles can offer you much more diversified landscapes. For example, po-lished granite boulders are often occur on recognizable views of the Seychelles' beaches. It makes them more picturesque than those of common coral atoll where there is nothing but a strip of beach and palms.

Tourists are ready to pay any money to go there. The main island of the Seychelles is Mahe, with the capital in Victoria. The airport is just in the city. Mahe has good places for recreation, however, 3-4 days (between arrival and depart) would be quite enough. You can go to the beach Beau Vallon and climb the peak of Morne Blanc there. The rest of your vaca-tion you should spend on Praslin and La Digue (equally sharing your time between these two islands).

Anse Source d’Argent is often called the most beautiful beach on the Seychelles, La Di-gue. It is just this beach that is often depicted on the snapshots of the Seychelles. La Digue is the smallest inhabited island. There is no traffic there, which creates the atmosphere of complete solitude.

«May Valley» is one of the main sites in the island Praslin. It is a dense palm forest of primeval beauty, which is often compared with Eden Garden. Sometime similar forests cov-ered all the Seychelles, and today it has been preserved only within several hectares of Praslin. Many tropical animals live there in their natural habitat. But gladly, there are no dan-gerous or venomous animals or plants in the forest.

When you plan to go to the Seychelles, you must be aware that everything is very expen-sive there, including hotels, flights from one island to another, tours, etc. And the only oppor-tunity to save is to stay not at expensive hotels facing the beaches, but at guest houses, though, surely, the spirit of «paradise enjoyment» will then be lost. You should choose a hotel depending on the season of the year, as in different periods and on different sides of the island the sea can be fairly rough or the waters can't be that clean, however, considering the size of the island, it won't be a problem to go to some other beach or even to the other side of the island.

On Silhouette, and particularly on Aldabra (the world's largest coral atoll), there has been restored the population of giant turtles, which you can see in no other part of the world. There are similar species only on Galapagos Islands.

Silhouette and Aldabra also offers the best opportunities for scuba diving in the Seychelles. However, nearly all islands have underwater coral valleys. So, diving would be interesting almost on any island of the Seychelles. There is even offered such amusement as «coral safari».

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