Mezotnes Palace (Latvia)

About Mezotnes Palace: Mezotnes Palace (Latvia)

Mezotnes Palace in the south of Latvia, which was built at the end of 18 century, is one of the most beautiful examples of classicism in the Baltic states. Mezotnes Palace is surrounded by the most beautiful landscape park making it very interesting to visit the palace.

The construction of the Mezotnes Palace was begun in 1795 by the design of a famous architect Quarenghi from Petersburg. It was the Russian empress Catherine II who wanted to build the palace and then gave it to the governess Charlotte von Lieven, who brought up her grandchildren (children of her son Paul), future emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I.

Paul I, whose children she brought up, became the emperor in 1794. And in 1797 he made the Mezotnes Palace a patrimonial estate of Charlotte von Lieven, but she didn’t move to her estate and continued to live with her wards.

Charlotte von Lieven visited her estate only once in 1818. She did it with Marie Fyodorovna, the former empress and the wife of the murdered Paul I. But they stayed there for only 2 days and left. In 1826 the emperor Nicholas I, who was very fond of his governess conferred the title of princes on her and when she died and one of those who carried her coffin.

After the death of Charlotte von Lieven the Mezotnes Palace was owned by her heirs until 1920 when it was nationalized. Today the Mezotnes Palace is an out-of-town hotel where you can have a wonderful recreation on the landscape. Also, there were restored the interiors of the ceremonial rooms of the palace.

At the start of 19th century a wonderful English park complex was created around the Mezotnes Palace. It consists of the Winter Park, the Summer Park and the Ceremonial Court. Natural beauty of the place was preserved and the slow flow of the river Lielupe creates a good atmosphere for out-of-town recreation.

In the immediate vicinity of the Mezotnes Palace there are another two sights of southern Latvia – the Rundale Palace and the Bauska Castle. The Rundale Palace was also built Russian emperors in the reign of Anne of Russia, while the Bauska Castle was a knight fortress of 15 century. You can visit all these sights during a one-day excursion from Riga.

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