About Seliger Lake: Seliger Lake

Seliger is the most picturesque lake reserve in central Russia. Seliger is only 370 km to the north-west of Moscow. It has good environmental conditions and clean air, and it is just a perfect place for ecotourism and tenting.

You should go to Seliger by car. All other travel modes are much worse regarding convenience and time. If you go by public transport, you will be able to get only to Ostashkov, but the city is very far from the most beautiful places of Seliger. In Ostashkov you can go aboard an excursion ship to the Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn, but they sail along the largest part of the lake where it would be difficult for you to perceive the beauty of the place.

Seliger isn’t a single lake but a system of lakes, islands, channels, pools and bays. The shoreline of Seliger is very indented and you can reach the most beautiful places only by car. These places are on the western shore of Seliger in the vicinity of the Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn.

Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn is a gem of Seliger. Coming to Seliger you must visit the monastery. If you don’t plan to go fishing with the tent (to the particular place), but want to have a tour to feel the beauty of central Russia, you should go directly to the Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn.

The monastery is located on the island Stolbny. It is connected by a bridge to the island Svetlitsa having all necessary conveniences: parking lots, hotels, cafés, and so on. There are sand beaches on Svetlitsa and from there you can go to the monastery on foot. And for reasonable pay the owners of launches moored at the quay will gladly take you to the most beautiful places of Seliger.

Perhaps, the most beautiful place of Seliger is the island Khachin or to be more exact the inland lake Beloye (White Lake). It takes several minutes to get from the quay at the monastery to the island in a launch. Both at the lake and on the way to it you can enjoy exceptionally beautiful shoreline of Seliger. On the lake Beloye as well as on Khachin island there still remained white and yellow water lilies and yellow lilies. You can see their white and yellow flowers for tens of meters along the shore. Presently, you can hardly see white water lilies in their natural environment in the central Russia, and yellow water lilies are also rather rare.

On the shore of the Khachin island you can see the largest number of tent camps where people have a rest on the landscape, bathe, fish and just have a good time. On the eastern shore of Seliger there was set up a gun where the line of defense was in 1941.

Gorodomlya, the second largest island after Seliger, is at least beautiful island. In the Soviet time there was even built the hostel «Seliger», so you will have an opportunity for recreation not only in the tent but in fairly comfortable conditions. On Gorodomlya there are huge relic coniferous trees making the air very clean and a picturesque inland lake Divnoye, as well as sandy beaches.

The best time for recreation on Seliger will be July and August. At that time of the year water is heated enough for comfortable bathing, and the number of gnats and flies is reduced. While in June these annoying insects may spoil your recreation. 

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