About country: Tunisia

This African country is entirely washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, Tunisia has become a very popular tourist destination for beach vacations, especially in spring and autumn when the weather is rather good there. You can brown on the beaches of Tunisia even in winter, though there is a high risk that the water will be fairly cool.

Tunisia is located on the site of Karfagen. Sometime it was a powerful ancient state but after Punic Wars it was totally demolished by the Roman. There remained nothing of this state except for occasional historical sites, which can be found in some parts of Tunisia. Actually, you can find some ancient or Arabic ruins almost in any city of the country. So, when going to Tunisia it would be better to first decide on the resort.

Monastir and Djerba Island are the main resorts of Tunisia. You can find there almost everything that is required for a good rest, from ancient ruins to good tourist infrastructure, hotels and restaurants, etc. Both Monastir and Djerba have international airports. There are also other less popular resorts in the country, for example, Jasmine Hammamet and Mahdia.

Not far from Sus and Sfax there is one of the most interesting historical sites of Tunisia, El Jem Coliseum. It is the second large Coliseum in the world, after the Roman one. For over 200 years gladiator combats have been held there. And now it is a popular tourist attraction of Tunisia.

The largest ancient Roman ruins are in a small town of Dougga. In the time of Numidian tsars (kings) it was a large city, which has been later rebuilt by the Romans. And from then there survived the ruins of some temples, theatres, necropolises, mausoleums, aqueducts and common houses.

Also, you can make a trip to Sahara. And though there are no gigantic dunes in the desert, you can get there most lively impressions. And such trips could be quite safe.

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