South Africa

About country: South Africa

South Africa is the most developed country of African continent. It has the world's largest supply of gold which make its economy quite stable. Annually, a great number of tourists visit South Africa to see the beauties of its wildlife.

Johannesburg and Cape Town are the largest and most interesting cities in South Africa. Johannesburg was built on the site of the first settlements of Dutch gold miners. Cape Town is a large port on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. The cableway can take you to the top of Table Mountain which is one of the prominent landmarks of this city.

Several decades ago it was decided to build the city of sun in the middle of savannah, 200 kilometers of Johannesburg. It was called Sun-City. There are several splendid hotels on the territory of this city, as well as everything which is related to entertainment. There you can be offered a number of exciting tours over the entire country, including Victoria Falls in Zambia. In Sun-City they pay a great attention to game business, trying to imitate famous Las Vegas. And somehow their efforts weren’t unsuccessful, as Sun-City is known all over the world.

On the border with Lesotho, on the lands of Zulu, there is very beautiful Dragon's Mountain (Drakensberg), included in Natal National Park. It has a nice bluish colour. Some peaks reach the height of 3 000 meters. There survived thousands of rock paintings in the caves of Dragon's Mountains.

You shouldn’t go to Tugela unless there have been rains before your visit. It is the second largest waterfall in the world, after Venezuelan Angel. The height of five cascades of this waterfall is about 940 meters. However, in draught seasons it isn’t too impressive.
Blyde River Canyon is one of the longest in the world. Three rivers flow down its bottom. This area, especially the road from the Canyon to Abel Erasmus Pass, is considered to be one of the most picturesque in the country.

There are a lot of national parks in the South Africa, such as Kruger National Park and St. Lucia Wetlands. And the former is possibly one of the most attended parks in RSA. There are all animal species which most interesting for tourists, though they aren’t as numerous there as in national parks of Tanzania and Kenya. There are also crocodiles and other river animals in St. Lucia Wetlands.

Some beach resorts, for example Mossel Bay and Richards Bay, are near Durban. But you must remember that the waters aren’t always warm, and what is more important, the waves and streams are rather strong there.

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