About Belomorsk petroglyphs: Belomorsk petroglyphs

If you plan a boat trip to the Solovetsky Monastery through Belomorsk, you must visit the place called Zalavruga on the Vyg stream in the environs of Belomorsk. It is there, over the marshes, that the big stone plateau is located, where the prehistoric people drawn scores of petroglyphs.

The turn to the Belomorsk petroglyphs is between the village Vygostrov and Belomorsk. You can come to the ruined bridge by car, and then go about 2 kilometers along the forest path. The neighborhood of Zalavruga is very swampy and the stone plateau was very convenient as a man site. It was there that the prehistoric people carved the petroglyphs with stone or metallic implements.

The word petroglyph comes from the Greek words "petra" meaning "stone" and "glyphein" meaning "to carve". Scientists have carefully examined all Belomorsk petroglyphs and dated them to the IV-III millennium B.C., that is, the era of neolithic age. Considering the variety of scenes, as well as the great number of well-preserved items, it may be acknowledged that these petroglyphs have a universal importance.

In the 20 century petroglyphs were found in three places. The only petroglyphs, which are accessible for tourists, are at Zalavruga. Petroglyphs are also on the Belomorsk-Murmansk highway near the White Sea-Baltic Canal. They are called the Besovy Sledki (Devil's Footprints).

During the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal a protective pavilion was erected over the Besovy Sledki, but now it is in the emergency condition, so the access is prohibited. It is a pity that the Besovy Sledki are closed for visiting, as the most interesting Belomorsk petroglyphs are on that site. The third place where the Belomorsk petroglyphs were found – Erpin Pudas, is located at a distance from the Besovy Sledki and generally they are reached only by specialists.

«Archer» is the most famous Belomorsk petroglyph at Zalavruga. There are many scenes of group and lonely hunting of elks and birds, as well as hunting of whales with harpoons.

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