About the Personal Dacha: Personal estate (Park)

The architectural ensemble called the Sobstvennaya Dacha of Catherine II at Oranienbaum was formed in 1762-1774. The empress Catherine II decided to build a pleasure residence near the Grand Menshikov Palace.

As is known, Oranienbaum was the first luxurious residence that the prince Menshikov built outside St. Petersburg. In the reign of the Russian empress Elizabeth it was occupied by the their to the throne Peter III and his wife Sophie Friederike Auguste Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, the future Russian empress Catherine II.

Having come to power as a result of a coup d'état Catherine II wanted to have a place in Oranienbaum where she and her entourage could come for entertainments that she called Sobstvennaya Dacha (My Own Dacha). For the purpose she bought out from the prince Golitsyn the land abutting upon the Oranienbaum park from the west.

In 1762 on this land the architect Rinaldi was commissioned to create the palace and park complex Sobstvennaya Dacha. In included the Chinese Palace that became the main masterpiece of Oranienbaum. In the south there was built the Stone Hall Pavilion for concerts, as well as another curious pavilion called the Sliding Hill. The latter (Sliding Hill) was a splendid two-floor pavilion designed in the style of rococo where starts an alley of 300 meters leading to the north of the park. In the time of Catherine II the alley was flooded with water and turned into a big hill for sledding.

Eventually, the Sobstvennaya Dacha merged with the other attractions of Oranienbaum, and its alleys became a favorite walking place of the citizens.

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