Perhaps, everyone has some associations with the word «Deribasovskaya». Everyone has heard something about this legendary street of Odessa, and having got in the city want to visit it. It is always pleasant either to stroll on it or sit at one of its open-air cafés
The Potemkin Stairs connects the port and the historical center of Odessa, which is on the high bank. Perhaps, it is the most interesting sight of Odessa, which is then remembered by all the guests of the city
Officially, Odessa was founded in 1794, but just on the site of today Primorsky Boulevard there were found the ruins of an ancient Greek city, and on the site of the Vorontsovsky palace there was a fortress built by the Italians and then reconstructed by the Turks, so the Old Town is full of historic sights of various periods
Odessa Opera Theatre was founded in 1810, so it may be quite rightly considered the oldest theatre in the Ukraine. The audience space has a wonderful acoustics and such a beautiful rococo decoration that it amazes both the spectators and actors
Vorontsovsky palace is one of the most beautiful prince`s residences in the Ukraine. It is in the topmost place of the bank over the Odessa port, on the site of the Turkish fortress Hacibey
Primorsky Boulevard is one of the pleasantest promenades in Odessa. It runs along the high bank over the port of Odessa. Beginning at the Archaeological Museum, it stretches for several kilometers towards the Vorontsovsky palace
The Transfiguration Cathedral of Odessa is the largest Orthodox church in the city and the region. It was laid down in 1794. That year is the formal date of the foundation of Odessa, despite the fact that on the site there were strong Italian and Turkish fortresses, and in ancient times there was located a Greek colony
Odessa Archaeological Museum is the first museum in the Ukraine. It was founded in 1825 on the base of a private collection of antiquities belonging to Blaramberg. Since that time the museum collection has been considerably extended and now you can see there very interesting artifacts not only from the digging at the Greater Black Sea area, but also Egypt
The Shah´s palace is in the very center of the Old Town of Odessa near the Teshchin bridge. This magnificent mansion was built in style of an English castle with oriental elements was built for a Polish nobleman, but since for several decades it was inhabited by an Iranian shah, the mansion had got the name Shah´s
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