About country: Lebanon

This Mediterranean country has so long a history that it was mentioned even in the Bible. Many cities of Lebanon were prosperous in ancient times, with Byblos being the oldest city in the world.

Lebanon is a secular state, so besides historical sites there are also night clubs, discos and other entertainment establishments in this country. The latter are especially abundant in Beirut where you must stay for one or two days to visit the city which once has been one of the most impressive cities of Middle East.

The largest sight of Lebanon is Baalbek (former Heliopolis or the city of Sun). The temple complex is 80 km to north-east from Beirut. And it is the largest Roman temple complex in the world. It has the highest columns that have ever been erected by human beings, with weight of some stones exceeding 1 thousand tons. Baalbek was built under Julius Caesar. But it is still well-preserved, so you must visit it.

Also, you should see the «Cedars of the Lord» (Cedars National Reserve) in Kaddish Valley. Cedar is the national emblem of Lebanon depicted on its national flag. There have been preserved ancient cedar woods in the area. Many trees are over one thousand years, and some of them have the girth of 14 meters.

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