About country: Australia

In spite of fairly long flight, Australia is a very attractive destination for most tourists. Considering the youth of the continent, there are few historical sites in the country, but it offers just excellent opportunities for seaside and adventure holidays.

On this web-site we rarely use a word «unique», but it would be quite difficult to find any other word to describe the nature of Australia. As you can hardly find such flora and fauna on the other continents. When visiting Australia you should go to its national parks and the Great Barrier Reef as they are just the sites that can give you the best impression of this unique country.

All lovers of seaside holidays can find wonderful beaches on the Eastern Shore. They are everywhere, both within the cities, for example in Sidney and Brisben, and outside the cities, in resort settlements. Certain islands, such Fraser and Lizard, have long become a resting place of most select public.

The Great Barrier Reef is off the north-eastern shore of Australia. It is most beautiful corals and a great number of fishes and marine animals. And you can get to it from almost every village on the north-eastern shore of Australia. The nearest city is Kerns which is one of the main tourist centers of Australia.

Northern and north-eastern parts of Australia are covered with rainforests. There you can get familiar with wildlife of tropical jungles, particularly in Kakadu and Lamington National Parks.

The largest Eastern Shore cities are Sidney and Brisben. Both the cities are very green, though their centers are crowded with skyscrapers. Near Brisben is a wonderful resort, sandy island of Fraser. And you can have a good rest even in Sidney itself, though it is a large megalopolis. Within the bounds of the city there are magnificent beaches, such as Bondi or Menli.

In every possible way Melbourne emphasize its superiority over its northern neighbours. In the historical center of the city you can feel as if you were in Europe, and its environs there are a lot of curious sites, for example Grand Ocean Road, where you can visit Twelve Apostle rocks or go to Philip Island to see the Parade of Penguins.

South of Australia there is Tasmania Island, where you can enjoy the virgin nature of temperate zone. And thousand kilometers to the east from Sidney there is a Pacific island of Norfolk. This very beautiful island is surrounded by magnificent coral reefs.

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