The Bahamas

About country: The Bahamas

The islands of the Caribbean Sea are the most attractive destinations for lovers of beach holidays from North America, especially its eastern part. As the coast of USA and Canada, north of Florida, is little suitable for bathing, and so the resorts of Bahamas can be considered a perfect place for beach recreation in the shadow of palms.

The Bahamas are located to the north-east of Cuba, 90 kilometers of the coast of Florida. Out of 700 only 30 islands are inhabited, and the most famous resorts are just on several of them: New-Providence, Paradise, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera and Harbor.

The temperature of water and air is always very suitable there. The water area of Bahamas is influenced by the warm current Gulfstream, so even in winter tourists can bathe and suntan there with pleasure. The average winter temperature is about 22°C, and the average summer temperature is about 30°C. All round the year there are a lot of tourists on Bahamas, while the American and the Canadian often go there for several months to wait until the end of winter.

The capital of Bahama, Nassau, is on the New-Providence. The city itself, particularly the Cable Beach, is one of the main resorts on Bahamas. Nassau has many hotels, restaurants, casinos and every other amenity, which is indispensable for holidays of well-off people.

The bridge connects Nassau with the island Paradise, which also have a lot of comfortable hotels, restaurants, golf greens and some other sports grounds. The most famous hotel complex Atlantis is just on Paradise. The island has an active night life, however, you needn’t stay there as you can go across the bridge on foot.

Perhaps, Eleuthera is the most popular resort in Bahamas. The island is a narrow strip of 180 kilometers long, but its width is only about 2 kilometers. It has no scenic landscapes, but does have wonderful beaches stretching for tens of kilometers, as well as interminable line of hotels. However, the most expensive hotels and most rich tourists are still concentrated on a small island Harbor, which is in the immediate vicinity of Eleuthera. Harbor is protected from the ocean by a coral lagoon, and one of the world's most beautiful beaches, Pink Sands, is just there.

Harbor is a small island being only 5 kilometers long and about a kilometer wide. The beaches with pink sand stretch almost along the entire island. The water is always very warm and very comfortable for bathing there. There are also excellent opportunities for diving and water sports on the island.

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