About country: Mauritius

Closeness of Mauritius to the Seychelles commits to many things, as tourist will have to fly there several hours longer, than to the Seychelles. What for? It turns out that every year Mauritius is visited by nearly a million of tourists, and their choice is quite reasonable.

When comparing Mauritius with the Seychelles they often say that «the latter has 5-Star scenery and the former has 5-Star hotel service». Almost everyone who have ever spent their holidays on Mauritius generally give most enthusiastic comments – about its luxurious hotels, perfect service, exceptional comfort, beautiful sea and nature. In other words, you should go there.

Traditionally, it is believed that only very well-to-do people can afford holidays on Mauritius. Partly, it is true, but in case of independent reservation, the cost of hotel can be more at-tractive. All hotels of Mauritius are located on the coast and have big premises. There are relatively inexpensive hotels only in Flic en Flac, however, if you still want to go to Mauritius, you shouldn’t stay at cheap hotels.

There remained no space for new luxurious hotels on Mauritius, so existing hotels are try-ing to improve their level of comfort and service to be even more attractive for tourists.

As most hotels are rated as 5-Star and have big premises and own beaches, it positions Mauritius as one of the world's best destinations for elite holidays. However, it can not be massive because of objective reasons. Some hotels possess not only beaches but also golf greens and islands. Every hotel has an excellent spa center.

The best beaches of Mauritius are on the eastern and northern coast of the island. When on eastern coast you should go to Ile aux Cerfs (Deer's Island) where there are beautiful beaches and lagoons for wind-surfing. Morne is considered the best beach on the island.

Mauritius is a volcanic island, that’s why there are beautiful mountains overgrown with jungles. You should rent a motor-car to have a ride of beautiful places. Black River Gorge National Park is the most interesting place. Millions of years ago there were most active vol-canoes, and now there are but picturesque rocks, cliffs and river valleys.

Two most interesting sites of Black River Gorge are around Chamarel. There you can see a very beautiful waterfall of the same name, which fall down to the bottom of the gorge in narrow streams. Nearby there are strips of colored land – they are volcanic rocks cooled at different temperatures, hence their various colors. The highest point of Mauritius, Trou aux Cerfs, is also there. You can climb it to see the entire island.

Even if you aren’t a fisherman, you should think about deep-sea fishing. Fishing is the most favorite sports on Mauritius. There are even international fishing competitions, mainly in Centre de Peche Riviere Noire. Around Mauritius you can catch most different fishes includ-ing giant marlin, tuna, dorado, etc.

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