About museum: Wooden Architecture Museum

One of the most interesting Russian museums of wooden architecture is located not far from the Suzdal Kremlin. The wooden houses and churches from various districts of the Vladimir region were collected at the museum.
It is on the site of the monastery of St. Demetrius built in the 11 century. Unfortunately, the monastery didn’t survive to our days. But in the 60th of the past century the restorer Anisimov decided to create there a museum of wooden architecture. At first from the Suzdal district and then from the entire Vladimir region, they began to take there beautiful specimens of wooden architecture: churches and residential houses, as well as various household structures such as barns, mills, etc. At the entrance to the museum one can admire two beautiful wooden churches, those of Resurrection and Transfiguration.
The Transfiguration church with a beautiful wooden dome was built in the village Kozlyatyevo of the Vladimir region in 1767. The church has three tiers and is richly decorated. By its design it strongly resembles the northern churches so it is suggested that it was built by the masters from the north of the country.
The Resurrection church was built in the village Patakino of the Vladimir region in 1776. It is of a characteristic ship type where all parts of the building are on a single axis. The church was brought there in 1970. The religious services were resumed in the church after its consecration in 2008.
Beyond the church is the street with the houses, which once belonged to the peasants with various incomes. One can see there both the small wooden houses of the poor peasants and the big two-floor houses of the well-off merchants.
In the remotest part of the museum of wooden architecture one can have a look at the windmills brought from the village Moshok of the Vladimir region. There are also many various barns and the other household structures. 

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