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The main city of the Ural Region, Yekaterinburg, is very interesting for visiting. It has both historical and nature sights. The former are mainly related to the family of the last Russian emperor and the latter – with the beauties of the Ural Mountains.
You should start your acquaintance with Yekaterinburg from its historical center including the City Pond, the Plotinka (dam) and Lenin Avenue with its buildings, which were constructed in the style of constructivism at the beginning of the 20 century. The City Pond is a big water reservoir, which was created after the construction of the dam on the river Iset in the 18 century.
Now the dam on the river Iset is called «Plotinka» and is a city landmark. It is surrounded by a big walking zone and a small park where one can look at the samples of the rocks, which are mined in the Ural Mountains.
Lenin Avenue is the main street of the city. Its most interesting part is between Weiner Street and the Ural University. There one can see the buildings of Central Post Office and the printing house of «The Ural Worker», as well as the big building of the City Council, which is now occupied by the City Mayor's Office, on Lenin Square.
The main sights of Yekaterinburg are related to the tragic events, which happened with the tsar's family in the city in 1918. As is known, all members of the tsar's family were executed in the Ipatiev House. Now the Church on the Blood is on the spot where the Ipatiev House once stood. Near it is the patriarchal annex, where you must visit the Romanov Memorial Museum.
By all means should you make a trip to the Ganya's Pit. It was there that the bodies of all members of the tsar's family were brought and thrown into the abandoned pit. The Monastery of Holy Royal Martyrs is now located in the midst of the dense pine wood. Several kilometers from it is located the Middle Ural Convent, which is also interesting to visit.

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