Maldive Islands

About country: Maldive Islands

Maldive Islands are often ‘modestly’ called «paradise». And there is certain sense in the definition as even if you could see more beautiful landscapes on some other islands, nowhere would you find such atmosphere as on Maldives.

Maldive Islands are coral atolls elevated by 1-2 meters above sea level. These atolls have palms, the cleanest sand, emerald-green sea – and that’s all. Each island is enclosed by coral reefs. So, your pastime on Maldives will mainly consist of daily beaching (you will have your own deck chair put aside from the rest of vacationers), and bathing in the purest azure water among the most beautiful corals.

So, you should only go to Maldives, if you want the atmosphere of physical and mental tranquility, complete relaxation and solitude (the same way as in paradise). Maldive Islands is a perfect place for honeymoon travels and sweethearts seeking for privacy.

If you need active entertainments during you holidays (night clubs and hangouts), you should understand that it is virtually impossible there as you can not drink alcohol beverages on the islands.

Maldives is a Muslim state and alcohol is prohibited there. If in other countries local au-thorities are fairly tolerant to the needs of tourists and forbid alcohol only for natives, every-thing is much more serious there. At one time luggage was X-rayed and alcohol drinks were taken away. You could have them back just before you return flight. Today the laws are more tolerant and on some islands, say on Gan, alcohol is permitted.

Maldives are 700 kilometers to the south-west of India. They consist of 26 larger and about 2 000 smaller atolls. Only 200 islands are inhabited, and only 90 of them have hotels. All tours are started from atoll Male, which is the capital of Maldive Islands and has an airport receiving international flights. From there you can go to your island either by a boat or a small plane.

The islands with hotels belong to different atoll groups: North Male, South Male, Ari, Baa, Laviani, Mimu, and Faafu. As a rule, there is only one hotel on the island. All of them aren’t big islands – you can go around each island for half an hour. There are mostly 4-5-Star hotels on Maldives.

When choosing hotel you should consider the privacy of the hotel, as well as availability of own reef. They often offer hotels on Gan (450 km of Male, 1.20-hour flight). Gan is a large island in itself (5х3 km), and besides, it is connected with other islands by dams. They say that it is the least Maldives-like island with a great number of hotels where all Maldivian ex-clusiveness is lost.

Maldive Islands is one of the best diving sites in the world. Every hotel has diving centers where even the beginners can be taught to diving techniques. Underwater safari is the main entertainment of tourists wanting to diversify their holidays on Maldives. Coral reefs protect divers from large sea predators, so you can be quite safe. The other holiday activity is fishing. Each hotel has different fishing offers, which can be suited to your wishes.

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