About park: Stone Tents park

There is a park called «Stone Tents» in the eastern part of Yekaterinburg. Huge Lake Shartash is not far from the park. But first of all you should go there to look at the residual outcrops.
They are on a small elevation at the very entrance to the park. These rocks are layered granite slabs tightly fitted with each other. Such arrangement of slabs gave rise to various arguments about their artificial origin. For example, it was suggested that these rocks were created for some ritual purpose. But of course, it is only a hypothesis, and they are common residual outcrops, such as you can see at the Krasnoyarsk Stolby.
Each of three outcrops has a height of about 15 meters, or 25 meters together with the hill they stand on. They are quite easy to climb. And almost all tourists do it. In 1905-1917 revolutionary meetings were often held at these outcrops. And sometimes they were attended by Sverdlov himself.

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