About museum: Halls of Museum of Stalingrad battle

After the liberation of Stalingrad there remained no intact building in the city, however, the restoration began almost immediately. And only Gergardt's Mill was left unchanged, as a remembrance of that battle, and it was there that the State Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad was created. Every guest of the city should visit this museum.

The museum, with the panorama of the battle and street exhibits, is very big, but the first thing to see is the ruins of Gergardt's Mill. The Mill, which is close to the Volga embankment, and Pavlov's House located 500 meters away, became the most important centers of Stalingrad defense. Of greater strategic value was only Mamayev Kurgan. 

By the Mill you can see how all the other buildings of Stalingrad looked: each square meter of walls is riddled with shells and bullets, roof is broken through by direct hits of numerous air demolition bombs. In front of the Mill is the replica of the famous Barmaley Fountain with children dancing around the Crocodile, and the fountain was left in a half ruined condition, as on the photo of the war time. 

There are eight exposition halls at the museum properly. The first halls house the maps of all stages of the Battle of Stalingrad, as well as the models of the Russian military equipment, such as: mortars, guns and the searchlights used to find the enemy planes.

Further on are the expositions dedicated to the defenders of Pavlov's House and the snipers of Stalingrad, who played an important role in its defense. A big exposition is dedicated to the weapons and outfit of German officers and soldiers; there you can also see the table where the act of capitulation was signed by Paulus. Of a particular interest is the model of Stalingrad, where you can see only the frames of ruined buildings.

A huge triumphal hall is in the center of the museum. A stair leads from the hall up to the panorama «The defeat of German forces near Stalingrad». There are 4 dioramas in the hall: «The central crossing over the Volga river», «The defeat of the main attack force of Manstein», «The resistance defeating the death», «The capture of the airfield of Tatsinskaya railway station by the tankmen of general Badanov».

Outside the museum you can see some pieces of heavy equipment: tanks, guns, and a plane. Also, it will be very interesting to look at the war-time steam-engine and carriages used to transport the troops. From the high embankment you can have a beautiful view of the Volga.

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