About baths: Main Narzan Baths

The building of the Main Narzan Baths occupies the central place on the Resort Boulevard, and, undoubtedly, is an architectural decoration of Kislovodsk. In the nearby Narzan Gal-lery they came to drink narzan and in the Main Narzan Baths they came to take a narzan bath.

The Main Narzan Baths was built by the architect Andrey Klepinin in 1901-03. As a whole the architec-tural style has some Moorish motives, but the finishing of the facade was clearly influenced by the Indian architecture, regarding both the richly decorated front towers and the majolica panels, which were reportedly worked at by Vrubel himself.

Now the Main Narzan Baths is under reconstruction, and formerly there were two narzan pools in the central building. The wings, which were taken up by narzan baths, are on both sides of the building. One wing was for women, the other – for men.

After numerous medical studies it was confirmed that narzan baths have a positive effect on the heart and the cardiovascular system of human organism. However, if you go to Kislovodsk for treatment, you should choose the optimal procedures: duration of the procedure, water content and temperature.

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