From the artistic point of view, the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the most renowned theatres in Russia. Of a particular interest is the building of the theatre designed in the avant-gardism style. It is the largest building in Russia and one of the largest buildings in the world
A small chapel of St. Nicholas on the Krasny avenue is the symbol of Novosibirsk. It was built by local merchants in memory of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty in 1914
Krasny avenue (formerly, Novonikolayevskiy) is the main street of the city. Its length is 7 kilometers, from the Ob embankment to the airport «Northern» (now active), but the stretch, which may be of any interest for tourists, – between the Officers House and the Pervomayskiy (1st May) public garden – is much shorter
The construction of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral began just after the foundation of Novo-Nikolayevsk in 1893, but, unlike Ascension Cathedral, it was originally made of stone, so it can be considered one of the first stone buildings of Novosibirsk
In the oldest quarters of Novosibirsk located around the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky there remained a number of wooden houses. They let you know how the city looked in the first years of its existence
The largest zoo in Russia is in the north-east of Novosibirsk. Its territory reaches 60 hectares. At present there are about 11 thousand different animals and 700 bird species at the zoo. For reference, there are only about 9 thousand birds and animals at the Moscow Zoo
The park «Gorodskoye Nachalo» is at the foot of the Trans-Siberian Railway bridge over the Ob river, which was built in 1893. This year is considered the date of the foundation of Novo-Nikolayevsk, which was later renamed Novosibirsk – the third largest city in Russia with the population of 1,5 million people
A museum devoted to the Roerich appeared in Novosibirsk thanks to the efforts of Siberian Roerich Society. Its headquarters is in Novosibirsk, as it was through Siberia that the Roerich`s (Svyatoslav, Helene, Yuri) went to Tibet and India
Novosibirsk State Art Museum is in the building of Sibrevkom on Krasny avenue. It was created in 1926, about the same time as the construction of the Opera and Ballet Theatre began. It raised the status of the city as the center of Siberian region of Russia
Pervomayskiy public park is the most beautiful and accessible park in Novosibirsk, which you may visit during a walk on Krasny avenue near the main sights of the city
Ascension cathedral, the metropolitan church of Novosibirsk and Berdsk eparchy, is at the intersection of Krasny avenue and Gogol street. For a long time the cathedral was a wooden building, and the today stone building was erected several decades ago
The Novosibirsk local history museum is housed at the former Trading Building, which was constructed in 1910 on the side of Red Avenue abutting Pervo-mayskiy public garden. The museum was founded in 1920
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