Museum-apartment of Dostoevsky in Moscow
This word has long become a common noun. First of all, it is associated not with an architectural monument but with Russian authorities
Red Square and the Kremlin are the most important sights in Russia. Both these places are known to every foreigner, even those who have a vague idea of the location of Russia. And this is so because Red Square is the symbol of all the country, and all the people
Most museums of the world contain the collections of art of different countries: Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, etc. But the Tretyakov Gallery has very narrow spe-cialization – there kept a huge collection of Russian painting from the first portraitists of the beginning of XVIII century to the painters of the Soviet period
Probably, this is the only temple in Russia, which isn’t called church or cathedral. Informally as well as formally it was always called temple – the Temple of Christ the Saviour. It is the main temple not only of Moscow but the entire Russia. This is the main temple of the Russian Orthodox Church
Manezh Square
The formal name of the museum is the State Pushkin Art Museum, but it is commonly called just the Pushkin Museum
Kolomenskoye may be considered one of the most beautiful landscape parks in Moscow. There are no nobility estates, but its historical and architectural value was marked by UNESCO. The national park museum Kolomenskoye is located in the southern and eastern part of the city in Andropov Avenue, near metro station Kolomenskoye
Now Izmailovo is mainly known for its kremlin and vernissage. It is there that Moscow center of Russian souvenirs was moved from the Old Arbat. The Izmailovo kremlin was built so that tourists could dive into the atmosphere of an ancient Russian town. And it must be acknowledged that its architects quite succeeded in it.
Kuskovo is one of the most famous manorial estates in Moscow. From 17 century the estate belonged to the ducal family of Sheremetyev and remained in a wonderful state to our days.
For a long period of time Tsaritsyno State Museum Reserve in the south of Moscow was in the state of complete desolation. However, in the last years its appearance has been con-siderable improved thanks to the former mayor of Moscow. Now it is one of the most favorite parks of the citizens of Moscow intended for deliberate promenades among beautiful landscapes
All those who want to see a small part of the history and atmosphere of the Soviet Union should visit the All-Russian Exhibition Center. In 1939 on the area of 230 hectares there was created the giant «Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy»
Victory Park is on the Poklonnaya Gora (hill) in Moscow. The park is the main memorial complex in Russia devoted to the victory of the Soviet Union in World War II
The Bolshoi Theatre, one of the world famous opera and ballet theatres, is near Okhotny Ryad on Theatre Square. Of course, it owes its fame to the Russian ballet school being one of its centers
You can enliven your walks over the city with boat tours on the Moscow river, which may be quite an interesting entertainment. From the river you can see the Kremlin, the embankments of Zamoskvorechye, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Stalin`s skyscrapers and many other sights of Moscow
The central building of Moscow State University (MGU) is one of seven Stalin High-Rises. It is one of the most famous and tallest of them. To a degree, the university is one of the symbols of Moscow
In different districts of Moscow one can see 7 alike high-rise buildings, which were built in the capital in period of 1947-1957.
For several decades the Bunker-42 was one of the most secret facility on the territory of the USSR, as it was intended for the top management of the country, as well as military command, in the case of a nuclear war. In 2000 the bunker was taken off the security list and became one of the most interesting cold war museums (2006).
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