About museum: State Art Museum

Novosibirsk State Art Museum is in the building of Sibrevkom on Krasny avenue. It was created in 1926, about the same time as the construction of the Opera and Ballet Theatre began. It raised the status of the city as the center of Siberian region of Russia.

The idea of the museum collection appeared already in the 20th of the twentieth century, although then it were only occasional purchases at art exhibitions. The task was approached more seriously only after the war, as by that time Novosibirsk had become an industrial center of Siberia, and the third largest city in Russia.

In the 50th of the past century the question of the museum collection was considered at top level of the country so all main museums of Moscow (Tretyakov Gallery and Pushkin Museum) and St. Petersburg (Hermitage and Russian Museum) gave their exhibits.

As the collection grew, the Novosibirsk art museum required the appropriate building, and it was decided to give it the building of Sibrevkom on Krasny avenue. The building was designed in the constructivism style by the architect Kryachkov in 1926. The architect also designed the opposite One Hundred Apartment House.

Now at the art museum you can see the pictures of many well-known Russian painters of 18-20 centuries. The permanent museum exposition includes an interesting collection of pictures by Nicholai Rerikh. The ancient Russian art is represented by a very valuable collection of icons.

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