Saint-Perersburg sightseeing

· What to see:  northern «capital» of Russia. One of the most beautiful cities in the world.
· Where to go:  European part of Russia on the coast of Baltic Sea
· Season:  May-September. Top season: «White Nights» - June 10-30
· Sights:  lifting of Neva drawbridges, White Nights, canals and 400 bridges, fountains of Petergof, Amber Room in Tsarskoye Selo       
· Travel time: 4-5 days
· Recreation type: excursions
· Event : great outdoor show “Scarlet Sail” celebrated on June 25
Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter I, as a city on the coast of Baltic Sea having marine communication with Europe. Peter I himself called it the «window to Europe». The city has been built as the capital of quickly growing Russian Empire, which has been one of the most important political powers since the 16th century.

This predetermined the appearance of the city, having made it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Here everything was subjected to only one purpose, to show the wealth of the empire, therefore, palaces, cathedrals and even regular houses were built in particular empire style.

It is especially romantic to visit Petersburg at midsummer from 10 to 30 of June. This time is called «White Nights», as it doesn’t get dark even in the night. In this time tourists walk days and nights long, and it is particularly curious on the embankments of the Neva River around 2 in the night, when the bridges are lifted. Altogether there are 90 various rivers and over 400 bridges, 13 of which are drawbridges, in the city. You must see how Palace Bridge is lifted. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Petersburg has a very interesting historical center. You could go over its streets and canals all days long and it wouldn’t be boring, and this applies not only to palaces and cathedrals, but also to common old streets which could be no less (if not more) interesting. In opinion of many Russians, coming from other cities, Petersburg is a city of good mood. Surely, this mood can be easily spoilt by rain or cold weather, which is often the case, considering the climate of the city. But if you are lucky with the weather and in good spirits, you'll undoubtedly enjoy tours of the historical part of the city.

Besides city tours, you must visit palaces of Petergof and Tsarskoye Selo. Without them, your impression of the luxury of Russian Empire would be incomplete. It is most convenient to go to Petergof by hydrofoil departing from the embankment in front of the Hermitage. To get to Tsarskoye Selo you must take a bus or a local train.

Don’t forget about the climate of Petersburg – it is a northern city. By the way, it is the northernmost million-plus city. The weather is very unstable here, and it is desirable to have an umbrella and warm clothes.


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