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The village Konstantinovo is on the high bank of the river Oka 43 kilometers of Ryazan. It is worth coming there to admire the picturesque Russian nature and village everyday life, and visit the literary museum of Yesenin, one of the Russian poets, who praised the beauty of Russian nature in his poems.
The first records of the village Konstantinovo date back to the 17 century. For example, in 1619 Konstantinovo was a patrimony of Russian tsars, but then it was inherited and sold to many noble families, including the Naryshkins, the Golitsyns, the Dolgorukovs. In 1897 Konstantinovo passed into possession of Ivan Petrovich Kulakov, the «hereditary honorary citizen of Moscow», and after his death in 1911 to his daughter Lydia Ivanovna Kashina.
A museum devoted to the works of Sergey Yesenin was created in Konstantinovo in 1965. There you can see the house of his parents, the mansion house of Lydia Kashina, the zemsky school, the house of the priest Smirnov, the Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, and, surely, admire the most beautiful nature on the bank of the river Oka.
One of the interesting opportunities to visit Konstantinovo is a 3-day river cruise starting at the Southern port of Moscow. All day the ship sails down the Moscow river arriving in Konstantinovo by the morning. Tourists visit the museum of Yesenin and the monastery of St. John the Evangelist, and in the evening the ship sails back, being on the way one more day.
Sergey Yesenin was born in Konstantinovo on October 3, 1895. Eventually, he became one of the most famous poets of the Silver age. His poems were mainly devoted to Russia, and not to the state Russia, but to the «Rus'», which patriot he was and which he loved very much.

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