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On the main street, in the center of the village Konstantinovo, is the small house of the parents of Sergey Yesenin where he was born and spent his childhood. The house is near the Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan. It has a memorial plaque running as follows: «Here a great Russian poet Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin was born (1895-1925)».
The original interior of the house was carefully restored. The house itself is very small. At the entrance to the house is a small dark seny (inner porch), and then the residential (warm) part of the house. The Yesenin's room is to the left before the stove. The family photos and the Yesenin's school achievement letter hang over the small table in the next room (gornitsa or clean part of the house). To the right is the parents' bedroom. You can see some icons in the God's corner, and the small cross of Yesenin's mother on the bed.
In the yard are the bronze monument of Yesenin and several structures. Not far from an outbuilding is a temporary structure, the replica of the one the Yesenins lived in after their house burnt down in 1922. It has only one room and a small space behind the lightweight wicker fence. A bit further on from the temporary structure is the barn, which was built in 1913. Sergey Yesenin, when he lived with his parents and he was visiting them, liked to write his poems just in that barn.
In front of the house is a poplar with the plaque informing that it was planted by Sergey Yesenin in 1924.

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