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Divnogorie is a beautiful natural museum reserve in the Central Russia (near Liski of Voronezh Region), where one can see the Don feather-grass steppes, the chalk residual outcrops, called the «Divy», the Assumption Monastery with its cave churches, and the remnants of the ancient Mayatskaya fortress. In general, this place may be of interest both from the natural and cultural point of view.
Sometime all these lands were in possession of Divnogorie Assumption Monastery. In 1924 the monastery was shut down and its lands were given to a sanatorium. These lands were returned to the Church only in 1991-97. At the same time, the most beautiful chalk cliffs over the rivers Tikhaya Sosna (Quiet Pine) and Don obtained the status of natural reserve, which was called «Divnogorie».
If you go there by car, you should plan calling two separate places – Divnogorie museum-reserve and Divnogorie Assumption Monastery. The entrance to the museum-reserve is on the territory of the village Divnogorie, while the monastery is best approached from the village Selyavnoye. If you like long walks, then having had a tour of the museum-reserve you can come down to the railway and go on it to the monastery but it will be a walk of 5-6 km.
At the museum-reserve you must visit such places as the Bolshiye Divy residual outcrops, the Church of the Sicilian Mother of God Icon, the remnants of the ancient Mayatskaya fortress and the chalk canyon. However, no one will remain indifferent to the surrounding landscapes. There one can have a wonderful view on the the Don steppes at the foot of chalk cliffs.
Divnogorie Assumption Monastery is in the picturesque valley between the chalk cliffs. The monastery is dominated by the Malyie Divy where the monks dug up the cave church of the Nativity of John the Forerunner in the 18 century. The buildings of the monastery mostly regained their former appearance after they were taken from the sanatorium, but the restoration works are still in progress. 

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