The country apparently has been created for tourism. It has every opportunity for almost any type of recreation, from excellent beaches and beautiful nature to «carnival» festivities. Southern sun and spirited Brazilians create a very favorable atmosphere for good rest.
In Argentina you can have a rest of almost any type, from browning on some ocean beach to extreme tourism.
Natural reserves are the main tourist attraction of most South American countries, except for Peru. The remnants of Inca civilization are considered to be the most interesting historical sites in the world and are very popular among tourists. Undoubtedly, the country is worth visiting.
The country is a long narrow strip along the coast of South American continent. All types of recreation are available there. Santiago-Valparaiso is most developed area of the Chile. These two cities are very important for successful economic development of this country. You can have a good vacation in Viña del Mar, a popular resort near Valparaiso.
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