Travel tips: Lake Baikal

•    It is desirable to book air tickets in advance, at least within a month. Baikal tourist season is very short and Russian airlines profit from suddenly growing demand. If you want to arrange a trip only 1-2 weeks in advance, it is highly probable that the price of ticket for Moscow-Irkutsk flight will reach up to 1 thousand dollars.

•    Baikal means a rest in the wild far from civilization. If you need active night life it would be better to stay in Irkutsk and do short trips to Baikal. As to foodstuffs, there are no problems with them even in the remotest campings.

•    If you rest under canvas, you must see about all the most necessary things which are difficult to acquire in tourist camps such as electrical torch, warm clothes and thermal underwear, sleeping bag and warm blanket, easy mountain footwear, med kit, hermetic camera case (optionally), etc.

•    There is a risk of tick's sting, if you live in a tent. One of its favorite habitats is dense forests with high undergrowth. If it is a common tick, it's all right. But if the tick is infected with encephalitis, there's something to worry about. If the tick has bitten into, cover the spot with the open bottle of water. Wait for 10-15 minutes until the tick has died and carefully extract it from the body. Or better spread some nail varnish on the spot, the tick will quickly die and you can remove it. Then treat the wound with alcohol or iodine. And be sure to turn to the nearest hospital. You must have one injection made during 3 days after the sting.

•    It is almost impossible to meet bear within the coastal tourist area. Of course, there are hunting tours, but for the purpose you'll have to go to taiga as far as several dozens of kilometers. However, if you are lucky to see a bear, it will be better to stand still and don’t move. If you aren’t afraid of it, do no sudden motions and don’t escape, it will loose interest in you.

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