About city: Izborsk

The city of Izborsk (now a village) is 30 kilometers from Pskov on the way to Riga. There you must visit the nearby ancient sights: the Izborsk fortress and the Truvor's Gorodishche, as well as the nearby Slavonic Springs and the Lake Gorodishchenskoye. 
The story has it that Slovensk was founded earlier than Pskov by the prince Sloven and then was renamed Izborsk in honor of his great grandson Izbor. And this is proven by some historic evidences.
Generally, the sightseeing begins from the Izborsk fortress. It is the most important and interesting sight of Izborsk. The restoration of 2012 made it possible to reconstruct and preserve the cultural value of the place, as well as open for public the walls and towers, which were closed for bad condition.
From the Lukovka (onion) tower the path leads to the next sight of Izborsk, the Slavonic Springs at the Lake Gorodishchenskoye. These healing springs have been known for over a thousand years. The waters of various springs join in a single stream called the river of life. The river flows into the Lake Gorodishchenskoye. On a good summer day one can rent a boat and have a ride on the lake.
From the Lake Gorodishchenskoye you should proceed to the nearby Truvor's Gorodishche. It is there that the ancient settlement of the Kryvychi was located. And this proto-town was founded much earlier than Pskov.
Going towards the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery at the village Gusinets one can turn right to the village Maly to visit the Malsky Monastery of the Nativity of Christ. Besides the monastery, one can admire the very beautiful nature. As all other sights of Izborsk, this monastery is in the Izboro-Malskaya valley, connecting the Lake Gorodishchenskoye and the Lake Mal'skoye. This hilly land is very picturesque. 

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