History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelery Museum

About museum: History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelery Museum

Museum of History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelery is at the historic center of Yekaterinburg occupying a building near Sevastyanov's House on Lenin Avenue. Both these arts have been actively developed in the Urals region for several centuries.
The idea of such museum was suggested by a famous painter Denisov-Uralsky at the end of the 19 century. But it was not realized. This important museum was created only in 1991. It was granted the building of the drugstore of the mining department dating back to 1821.
On the two floors of the museum there are several curious collections of the articles made from Urals minerals: agate, jasper, rhodonite and many more. A separate room houses the collection of the articles made from the most famous Urals mineral – malachite. 
A vast collection of the products of the «Imperial lapidary works», as well as those of its successor – «Russian semi-precious stones» jewelry factory – is on display in the other rooms of the museum. You can see necklaces, brooches, ear-rings and the other decorations from many precious and semi-precious stones of the Urals region on the stands of the museum.
On the first floor you can get acquainted with a rich collection of minerals: quartz, jasper, malachite and many more. Also you can have a look at lapidary's mills, as well as tools for cutting stones and bones. 
Jewelry from gold and Urals precious stones, gold and platinum nuggets, as well as rare gold coins and orders are displayed in the gold storage located on the ground floor of the museum.

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