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Most artillery weapons are produces in the Ural region. There you can see a great number of guns of Perm Motovilikha Plants, OKB-9 (Yekaterinburg) and some other design offices and plants. 
At the Museum of Battle Glory of the the Urals you can see over a hundred guns, mortars and artillery systems, from the guns of World War I to the modern powerful long-range guns such as Giatsint.
The guns, which were used before World War II, is in the first alley: 152 mm howitzers, regimental light guns, antiaircraft guns, anti-tank howitzers, and the famous «Stalin's Hammer», a huge 203 mm howitzer of 1931. The guns of World War II are in the other alley: regimental, division and corps artillery. 
A big section is devoted to mortars or mine throwers, another important weapon of all wars: Vasilek (cornflower) (1970), division and regimental mortars.

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