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The largest exposition is that of tanks and self-propelled guns. It contains several dozens of tanks. At the beginning of the exposition you can look at both Russian and European tanks of the 20-30th of the past century including light tanks Т-26 and heavy assault tank KV-2. 
Т-34 occupies a central position at the exposition. This tank is exhibited in several modifications allowing to trace the evolution of weapons and defense. You can also see the beautiful tank IS-2. The mass production of the heavy tank was started by the end of the war, but it didn’t take part in the military operations.
Most of the tanks presented at the exposition were produced at Uralvagonzavod, a machine building company located in Nizhny Tagil, which is about 100 kilometers from the museum. The tanks of the Great Patriotic War are of a special interest since some of them were restored after military operations. The traces of armor-piercing shells are still visible on the turret of a Т-34.
At the exposition you can track the evolution of the Russian tank construction, from Т-55 to Т-90. The most common self-propelling guns are also displayed at the exposition: Gvozdika (carnation), Acacia, Giatsint (hyacinth), Msta-S. Pion is the most powerful self-propelled gun. It fires 102-kg rounds at a distance of 47 km.

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