About sight: Lake Pleshcheevo

Apart from a great number of historic sights of Pereslavl-Zaleski you should also note Lake Pleshcheevo, which is a national nature park where you can find an endemic fish – the Pereslavl ryapushka or freshwater herring.
Lake Pleshcheevo has a round shape. The municipal beaches are on the southern side of the lake, which is very gentle. Within several dozens of meters from the bank the depth of the lake is no more than half a meter. However, closer to the middle its depth can reach 11 meters. The maximum depth of the lake is 25 meters.
This proves the glacial origin of the lake. It was formed about 30 thousand years ago.
From the point of view of recreation Lake Pleshcheevo may be interesting for kite-surfing in summer and snow-kiting in winter. As a rule, those who are fond of active recreation (first of all kiting) pitch their tents at the camping «Ohana». They can also stay at the recreational zone «Dubki». Such recreation zones are also on the west side of the lake near the Nikitsky Monastery. 
There are always a lot of fishermen in that place as the lake is abundant in fish. However, you can not fish the Pereslavl ryapushka as it was included in the Red Book. Apart from ryapushka, 16 various fishes can be found in the lake such as roach, tench, bream, nerfling, pike, burbot and perch. Fishermen can stay at one of the four tent camps: Urev, Kukhmar, Botik or Yazevka. 

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