Cyprus travel guide

Cyprus island is just created for recreation. It is situated on the island off the Eastern Coast of Mediterranean Sea. It has a mild climate. Water is warm most time of the year, so tourist season begins early and lasts until winter.

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. There one you can easily spend one or two days visiting historical sites, which are abundant on the island. However, most tourists go to Pathos, Ayia Napa or Limassol, which has also some opportunities for recreation and entertainment, though it is a large city.

Ayia Napa can be considered youth resort. It has a lot of night clubs and discos, which are mostly open all through the night. All tourist infrastructure of the city is designed for boisterous parties. Pathos is quieter, and is a favorite resting place of all those who prefer comfort and interesting excursions.

And you can not only get burnt on the beaches but also can make a mountain trip. The Troodos mountain range is covered with beautiful pine woods. They are accessible by intricately winding but picturesque paths. The highest peak of Cyprus is Mount Olympus, and it would be interesting to stroll around in its environs for all those who are fond of mountain landscapes.