Iceland travel guide

Arctic country Iceland is called the «land of ice». And indeed, it can offer nothing but adventure tourism. And though there are no beaches there, it has a lot of geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, mountain passes, and hot lakes and sources, as well as many other curious things that you couldn’t find in any other country. So, if you are bored with beach all inclusive resorts, you should go to Iceland.

You must start your trips over the country from two cities. You first visit the environs of Reykjavik, and then make a stroll over the city itself, as there are many curious sites in Reykjavik. Then you fly to Akureyri in the north of Iceland, and make your further trips from this city. However, if you haven’t enough adrenaline, you should go to the east, to Vatnajökull Glacier.

Reykjavik is surrounded by so-called «golden ring», which is a rather interesting tourist route. There you can visit Tingvelir National Park. And it is noted not only for its waterfalls, geysers and volcanoes. The world`s first parliament has sit in session there in 930. Also, you can see there the deepest tectonic fissure in the planet. You can then visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland, Gulfoss, so-called double waterfall. Further there is a field of geysers called Haukadalur. And though the Great Geysir (40 meters high) has been inactive for many years, there are many smaller active geysers which aren’t the least impressive.

Not far from Reykjavik there is a city of Keflavik located in the immediate vicinity of «Blue Lagoon». It is a mineral geothermal pool which temperature doesn’t fall below 36-39°C even in winter. And so, it is a favourite bathing spot of most tourists.

There are also many interesting spots near Akureyri. So, you can take a boat to Eyja Fjord, as well as to ice hummocks. And from there you can easily get to the largest waterfalls of Iceland Godafoss (waterfall of gods), or Hauifoss, so-called lava waterfalls of Iceland. And if you are interested in volcanoes, they are abundant there. You must visit Myvatn Lake. There you can see mud sources and weird volcanic formations, highly resembling decorations of some fantastic films about far-away planets.