Lithuania travel guide

Now Lithuania is a small Baltic Sea but sometime the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was one of the largest countries in Europe. If you like quietness, European comfort, relatively low prices and magnificent pine woods, then Lithuania is just what you need.

It is a small country which is very convenient for travelling. By car, you can get from Vilnius on the east to Klaipeda on west for about three hours. You can go either to Vilnius, if you want to enjoy the special fascination of the Baltic capital, or immediately to Palanga, which is the main Lithuanian resort (north of Klaipeda).

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It is a small quite city with picturesque Old Town and bustling business center. As most other medieval towns, Vilnius was founded atop the hill. The Tower of Prince Gediminas, the founder of the city, is now located there. Under the hill there is a large cathedral and the Old Town, where one can stroll on the old streets, have a cup of coffee in some small café or simply have a respite from the bustle of large megalopolises.

The best resting place of Lithuania is Baltic Coast. There are two main resorts there. And bustling Palanga is one of them. This small city consists of various hotels, from luxurious costly establishments to student hostels. The beaches are mainly small stretches of sandy dunes covered with low bushes. It is very democratic city. Also, there a lot of discos there.

If you don’t like too much noise, but want a quite holiday in the open, then go to Nida on Curonian spit. From Klaipeda you can ferry over the territory of this national park, which is included in UNESCO Heritage List. There are three resort villages on the Kosa and Nida is most popular of them. It is in the pine wood on the very edge of sandy dunes.

The main tourist attraction of Curonian spit is its sandy dunes, which are almost equally divided between Lithuania and Russia. They are in the middle of the Kosa, on the territory of both countries. But as to comfort, Nida, of course, is more preferable than Russian villages. The dunes are covered with grass and shrubbery which make them especially beautiful.