Malta travel guide

Malta island is in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, at the intersection of all trade routes. That’s why it was just there that the first civilization has emerged. It was just there that the planet`s oldest megalithic constructions have been discovered. They are approximately 1 thousand years older than Egyptian pyramids.

All tourists originally arrive to the capital of Malta, La Valette. It is most curious city, which has fully preserved its medieval appearance. In the center of the city there located the Grand Master`s Palace. There are many very interesting historical buildings around it.

In the center of Malta there is another medieval fortress city Mdina. You must visit it too. Within Mdina one can feel the atmosphere of a small medieval town with its narrow streets.

Most tourists stay in the cities north of La Valette, such as Sliema, St. Giusto, Paceville, where there are most good hotels, restaurants, night clubs, etc. Also, one can go farther to the north, to the cities of Aura or St. Andrew.