Nederlands travel guide

Netherlands is a small and fairly well-to-do country on the coast of the Northern Sea. Most part of its territory is below the sea level, therefore, the World Ocean Level is the primary problem for the country. Powerful dikes are constructed all along its coastline, which are daily monitored by dedicated personnel.

The main tourist attraction is Amsterdam. The other “cities” are actually small cosy settlements with medieval architecture, but you could hardly recommend them as resorts. There is nothing special about natural landscapes of this country. You can see only plains and small forests there. So, Amsterdam is the only tourist center – but what center!!! It is one of the few places where you could always want to return.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. It is a singularly beautiful city. Though there are neither monumental palaces nor ancient ruins, this canal city is wonderful.

Amsterdam is the city of thousands small houses crowded on the banks of numerous canals. And you could make long boat trips over these water lanes or wander along their embankments as the city has a peculiar medieval atmosphere.

Why do you go to Amsterdam? To make it straightforward, to get a draught of freedom. You want to be distracted from your daily routine and to be able to afford something which is at least immoral or even illegal in your native country. In Amsterdam you could satisfy almost any of your wild sexual fantasies. And you go for it to the Red Light District. Also, you can go to some coffee shop to safely smoke marijuana as soft drugs aren’t prohibited there. And forbidden fruit is the sweetest. 

But it doesn’t mean that you must just «smoke grass and abandon yourself to passions» in Amsterdam. The main attraction of the city is the spirit of permissiveness, lack of almost any restraints. Thus, at daytime you can do some “good” things, for example go to Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum to see the pictures of some great painters. And in the evening you can do some «bad» things, for example to visit the Red Light District.

And it just these extremes that give you an acute feeling of novelty. At vacations you are always ready to do some unordinary actions, and Amsterdam is just created for it.

Apart from Amsterdam, you can also go to the Hague. It the seat of Dutch authorities (though Amsterdam is the actual capital of the Netherlands). Also, you can enjoy country life, as for the benefit of tourists there have been preserved several villages with medieval wind-mills in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam, which are peculiarly representative of the Netherlands.